Our team

Kenny Tuki, Director

+44 (0) 20-8636-1688 / kenny@ikutandassociates.com

Kenny established IKUT & Associates UK to provide corporate business & commercial management services .

Kenny oversees all the business management procedures and administration for IKUT and its associate clients, and have had a history of providing outstanding client business management services in the UK.

Kenny has worked in the administration of various UK legal establishments for over two decades. Her private business has enabled her the time to sit back to reflect on her accomplished legal experience whilst working in corporate legal establishments, and that has helped to develop her motivation in her management business ventures in the UK.

Taiwo Tuki, HR/Administration Director

+44 (0) 20-8636-1688 / taiwo@ikutandassociates.com

Taiwo is one of the directors and managing partner at IKUT and Associates UK Limited.

Taiwo Tuki manages IKUT’s administration using her decades of experience obtained in business and public services management.
She is particularly driven in IKUT’s related business services sector and has aspiration directing and co-ordinating the engagement of our business in support of other business link activities.